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The Power of Learning Language


Languages connect people across the globe. The ability to communicate globally has become an increasingly important and valuable asset.  At Harrison High School, the Department of World Languages allows students to learn/study French, Italian, or Spanish.  As stated on the Harrison Central School District website by Jennifer Egan, Director of World Languages & English as a New Language, she said, “Teaching a language includes not only developing the learners’ language proficiency but developing the learners’ cultural understanding and content knowledge as well. The study of an additional language empowers students to engage in meaningful, direct interaction with members of other cultures.”  This means that teaching a language isn’t solely about learning grammar, pronunciation, etc, it is also about learning the culture associated with the language you are learning.  One can learn about the culture associated with the language by learning about the traditional dress or holidays in that country.

Cultural Empowerment

Exploring a foreign language opens a fascinating window into the daily lives as well as the beliefs of people from different countries. Each country unveils its unique values, making the learning experience more engaging and interesting. At Harrison High School, the language curriculum not only teaches students linguistics but also uses engaging teaching methods.  For instance, based on the unit, students may watch movies that help provide further insight into the language, read passages, write about certain topics in numerous styles, and practice conversing, all of which contribute to developing a broader understanding of the language.


Connections Through Language

There is a wide variety of diverse students who attend Harrison High School, including those who speak different languages–some who moved here and are still acclimating to their surroundings.  Transitioning to new schools or countries can affect students’ abilities to form connections, learn, and even navigate around the school building.  However, with the help of learning a foreign language, we can communicate effectively with students whose first language isn’t English.  Not only will we be able to verbally communicate, but we will also be able to put these students at ease by creating a welcoming atmosphere and helping them find a sense of comfort in this unfamiliar environment.


Pathway to Success

A significant number of businesses typically prioritize employees who are proficient in multiple languages, as it enables them to communicate with clients and customers more efficiently. Additionally, being bilingual or multilingual can help companies attract international business opportunities, which could increase the company’s overall revenue.  Also, employees who are fluent in multiple languages often earn around 5% to 20% more than those who only speak one language. (Workforce Essentials, 2023)  Moreover, according to Nadiia Mykhalevych, 21% have missed a job opportunity because they didn’t speak another language. 

Overall, students may not prioritize high school foreign languages, but it is evident that speaking more than one language can help you in the long run.  Don’t make the mistake of not paying attention in your foreign language class, as 70% of Americans regret not taking their language class seriously (Mykhalevych, 2023).

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