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A Look Into Harrison High School’s Writing Center
A Look Into Harrison High School’s Writing Center
Annelise SerpaMay 9, 2024

     As a writer, one can find oneself staring dreadfully long at the blinking cursor on a screen, being taunted by the feeling of being stuck...

Newest Commodor: Harley was accepted to Vanderbilt University and will be attending next year.
Make Your Own Time
Harley Dichter, Student Contributor • February 8, 2022

“Of my daughters, I know that you’ll appreciate this the most,” my mom said as she handed me a brightly-colored wall calendar decorated...

Interview with IB History Teacher and Model Congress Advisor Ms. Merritt

Photo of Ms. Merritt running a race last spring.
Photo of Ms. Merritt running a race last spring.

Farrah: When did you first realize you wanted to become a teacher?

Merritt: During the great recession I was an archeologist and substitute teacher. I lost job opportunities in my field and wasn’t that interested in specializing in archaeology. I saw teaching as a way to continue my interests and do it from an academic standpoint around 2007/2008. 

Farrah: Favorite history concept or unit to teach? 

Merritt: I enjoy teaching my research skills because they are important for university as well as real life. Content wise, I enjoy teaching about ancient civilizations because of my archeology background. I really like the Cold War because it overlaps with my lifetime and I feel connected to it. 

Farrah: Student pet peeve? 

Merritt: When students aren’t paying attention and then ask me questions on what to do. 

Farrah: Favorite hobby? 

Merritt: I love to read; last year I read over 100 books. I read 40 books so far this year. I  snowboard in the winter and hike in fall. I enjoy running, cycling, and kayaking in the summer and spring.

Farrah: Astrological sign? 

Merritt: I am a Libra Sun and see myself as a libra. I am a Virgo moon so I have some Virgo tendencies. 

Farrah: Something no one knows about you? 

Merritt: I am a very fair and honest person so I think people know most things about me. I don’t like lying and cutting corners… especially lines.

Farrah: If you were to teach another subject, what would you teach? 

Merritt: Probably English because I love reading and enjoy the humanities. 

Farrah: Winter, spring, summer, or fall? 

Merritt: I love fall. 

Farrah: Cats or dogs? 

Merritt: It depends on the cat or dog. It comes down to their personalities. My dog Maggie is my cuddle buddy, and I’ve had her through COVID. I just love animals overall; they love you unconditionally.

Farrah: Unpopular Opinion? 

Merritt: Pineapple on pizza is okay, especially with jalapenos and bacon. The spiciness and crispiness is great with the sweet. 

Farrah: Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? 

Merritt: Dinner. 

Farrah: A place to travel to where you never have been? 

Merritt: Bora Bora. 

Farrah: What do you like about the IB Diploma/curriculum for high schoolers? 

Merritt: I like that the IB focuses on developing your ability to be an active learner and member of a community. I appreciate that the IB focuses on research. 

Farrah: What do you like about Model Congress?  

Merritt: I enjoy politics and I feel that it’s a program that helps students become civically engaged, especially since they’ll be of age soon. 

Farrah: Most memorable teaching moment? 

Merritt: When I’ve had students come back to visit and they tell me it inspired them to pursue education and careers in political science, anthology, and history. 

Farrah: Biggest advice or inspiration for students? 

Merritt: Not to take shortcuts detrimental to their learning and to follow the guidelines and support given by their teachers. Be genuine and apply yourself to classes in order to succeed.

Farrah: A question you had wished I had asked you? 

Merritt: What is my favorite book series? I love the Lord of the Rings as an escape from everything else I have to read for work.

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