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A Look Into Harrison High School’s Writing Center
A Look Into Harrison High School’s Writing Center
Annelise SerpaMay 9, 2024

     As a writer, one can find oneself staring dreadfully long at the blinking cursor on a screen, being taunted by the feeling of being stuck...

Newest Commodor: Harley was accepted to Vanderbilt University and will be attending next year.
Make Your Own Time
Harley Dichter, Student Contributor • February 8, 2022

“Of my daughters, I know that you’ll appreciate this the most,” my mom said as she handed me a brightly-colored wall calendar decorated...

Meet the Cast of the HHS Footlight Players Production of Mean Girls!

Come see Mean Girls Friday and Saturday, March 8th and 9th at 7 PM, and Sunday, March 10th at 2 PM!

Meet the Plastics!

[From left to right: Tessa Marsico, Jadyn Schwartz, and Aaralyn Gravagna] Photo by: Ella Zamek

Seniors Jadyn Schwartz and Aaralyn Gravagna join freshman, Tessa Marsico, in playing North Shore High’s plastics. Last year, in the Footlight Players production of Into the Woods, Jadyn was seen as Little Red and Aary played Jack’s mom. Tessa takes dance class at HHS and voice lessons outside of school. The three of them together make up North Shore High’s most judgemental and pink-loving group.  


Meet the Dance and Debate Teams!

[From left to right: Caridee Bratton, Hana ElKhoury, Naho Nakayamada, Julianna Blackman, Jessie Vukel, Rino Fujimura, and Karinah Evangeline Diaz] Photo by: Ella Zamek

North Shore High’s most competitive groups, dance and debate teams, are made up of a mix of freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In real life, Naho plays saxophone in Harrison High School’s band. Julianna, Jessie, and Karinah take dance classes at HHS. Julianna is also the dance captain for the musical!


Meet the North Shore High Chill Crew!

[From left to right: Alexis Manalis, Neeve Kenny, Ava Carolini, Talia Russo, and Theresa De Rosa] Photo by: Ella Zamek

Sophomores Theresa DeRosa and Neeve Kenny join freshmen Ava Carolini, Alexis Manalis, and Talia Russo in portraying North Shore High’s chill crew. In real life, Theresa enjoys playing the drums, reading, and hanging out with her friends. Talia likes to write, sing, act, draw, take photos, and dance. Neeve enjoys reading, writing, singing, jewelry making, and photography. Alexis likes listening to music, acting, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. Ava plays soccer for Harrison High School in the fall, as well as occasionally playing in the summer.


 Meet the Friend Group!

[From left to right: Lucy Neureuther, Galle Blaustein, and Joey Lipple-Smetana]
[From left to right: Lucy Neureuther, Galle Blaustein, and Joey Lipple-Smetana] Photo by: Ella Zamek

Seniors Lucy Neureuther and Galle Blaustein join junior Joey Lipple-Smetana in portraying the friendship between Cady, Janis, and Damian in Mean Girls. Last year, in Into The Woods, Lucy was seen as Baker’s Wife, Galle played the role of the Witch, and Joey played Jack. Together, in Mean Girls, they form the main friend group at North Shore High


Meet the Mathletes!

[From left to right: Justin Suozzo, KC Onwuasoanya, Dylan Bouteneff, Sofia Coimbra, Ulysses Bravo Brown, Kai Hickey, Kyle McKiernan, and Evan Gessner] Photo by: Ella Zamek

Self-described as a “very chill, dope crew”, the mathletes are a mix of freshmen and seniors. Sofia Coimbra portrays the North Shore High AP calculus teacher and the advisor of the mathletes, Ms. Norbury. Ulysses Bravo Brown, who plays Kevin G, leads the North Shore High mathletes in all of their highly nerdy endeavors, and maybe a little partying (don’t tell Ms. Norbury!). Justin Suozzo plays the moderator of the mathlete’s competitions, which can get very intense with everyone’s love for math.


Meet the North Shore High Show Choir!

[From left to right: Sophia Campos Becerril, Justin Suozzo, Maya Rolan, and Ella Zamek] Photo by: Ella Zamek

Senior Justin Suozzo joins Ella Zamek, Maya Rolan, and Sophia Campos in portraying the North Shore High show choir. All four of them participate in choir at Harrison High School. Additionally, in real life, Justin has attended All State for chorus–an incredible achievement as only the top singers in the state are accepted each year. This year, Ella and Justin also had the pleasure of attending Area All State.


Meet the North Shore Jocks!

[From left to right: Devin Vasilkioti, Ben Nelson, and Elvis Njuguna] Photo by: Ella Zamek

Seniors Devin Vasilkioti and Ben Nelson join sophomore Elvis Njuguna in playing the North Shore High Jocks in Mean Girls. All three are athletic in real life and they take on this challenge of playing sports kids in theater with grace and athleticism. In real life, Devin has been playing soccer for most of his life and currently plays for the HHS Varsity team. Ben enjoys bouldering and rock climbing. Elvis  likes to run and frequently hits the gym.


Meet the Band Geeks!

[From left to right: Emily Caragliano, Dylan Bouteneff, and Rosella Paniccia] Photo by: Ella Zamek

Senior Emily Caragliano joins Dylan Bouteneff and Rosella Paniccia in portraying North Shore High’s band geeks. In real life, Emily plays in the Harrison High School orchestra. Rosella enjoys art, singing, and hanging out with friends. Outside of school and the musical, Dylan likes to play video games and volunteer at the library.

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