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A Look Into Harrison High School’s Writing Center
A Look Into Harrison High School’s Writing Center
Annelise SerpaMay 9, 2024

     As a writer, one can find oneself staring dreadfully long at the blinking cursor on a screen, being taunted by the feeling of being stuck...

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Make Your Own Time
Harley Dichter, Student Contributor • February 8, 2022

“Of my daughters, I know that you’ll appreciate this the most,” my mom said as she handed me a brightly-colored wall calendar decorated...

Dancing Through Academia

An Inside look into Harrison High School’s IB Dance Program

In the bustling halls of Harrison High School, students have a unique opportunity to bring the beauty of movement into an academic setting: dance class. These classes go beyond textbooks, as the HHS Dance Ensemble  aims to “create, connect, and inspire.” Specifically, the IB-level dance classes offered to upperclassmen consist of composition and analysis, world dance studies, and performance. 

What makes the HHS Dance Ensemble special is its inclusive spirit, which is evident in the annual Winter and Spring Concerts with students from all grades and skill levels. Underclassmen in the prerequisite Dance Studio classes and upperclassmen in the IB Dance classes are invited to perform. The most recent performance this past December was Neverland-themed, featuring songs such as “Lost Boy” by Ruth B and “Fireflies” by Owl City. Senior Reagan Kelly, who mesmerized the audience as Captain Hook, expressed, “I can wholeheartedly say that it [IB dance program] is 

Seniors in the HHS Dance Ensemble during a dress rehearsal for the 2023 Winter Concert

 an immensely inclusive environment and has taught me so many skills.” The program fosters inclusivity by welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Within this supportive environment, students refine their dance techniques and develop essential life skills such as teamwork, communication, discipline, and self-confidence. 

In addition to everyday lessons taught by Ms.Toteda and/or Ms.Hart, the dance program offers workshops with guest dancers. Diana Giordano recently came and hosted a hip-hop workshop with students. She is an adjunct faculty member for the Purchase College dance department and a coach for the Westchester Knicks Dance Team. 

The impact of the IB Dance Program extends far beyond the dance studio, influencing students as they navigate their educational journeys. Graduates of the program emerge as well-rounded individuals equipped with transferable skills that extend into various collegiate paths. Caela Vasilkioti, a class of 2022 graduate, expressed, “The HHS Dance Ensemble helped me develop confidence in my artistic abilities.” 

Aside from the class and its showcases, Ms. Toteda also has extracurricular opportunities, including the Dance Connections Club. She states that their mission is to “connect to the community through dance.” They meet weekly, warmly welcoming all dance enthusiasts irrespective of skill level. Annually, Dance Connections organizes “Wellness day” trips to local elementary and middle schools, hosting workshops and promoting health through dance. Additionally, the dancers take 1-2 field trips and enrichment opportunities per year. The liveliness of Toteda’s programs can be seen throughout the Harrison community, spreading joy to people of all ages. 

Trip to Parsons Elementary School for Wellness Day 2021
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