Harrison girls varsity swim team takes on Ardsley Dobbs Ferry

Harrison girls varsity swim team takes on Ardsley Dobbs Ferry

Talya Appelbaum, Secretary

“Over the years I have seen many teams win with their talent, but I’ve also seen many teams win because they had art. This year, the girls have both” Coach Phil Deartsyne, who has been coaching the Harrison Girls Varsity swim team since 2001. 

From 8th graders to seniors, the Harrison girls varsity swim team consists of dedicated swimmers who have had numerous celebrated accomplishments and demonstrated athletic excellence over the past few seasons. . In 2019, the girls went undefeated, moving them up from league 4 to league 3. During the COVID year and 2021, the girls only faced 3 losses, out of their total of over 20 meets in a new, more competitive league. 

An intense meet during the 2021 season included that against Ardsley – Dobbs ferry, who, at the time, resided in league 2. Approaching the meet against a team in a more competitive league, the Harrison swimmers were the underdogs but did not allow the bigger team from the faster league to intimidate them. The Harrison swimmers touched out Ardsley’s 200-yard freestyle relay and continued to dominate the second half of the meet, taking the win against Ardsley – Dobbs Ferry. 

This year, due to their non-league loss, Ardsley was moved down to league 3, eager to beat the team of 15 girls that had abused them the year before and make their way back to league 2. Though the Harrison girl varsity swim team only consists of 15 swimmers compared to Ardsley’s 26, this again did not phase the Harrison swimmers. 

Heading into the 2022 season, the Harrison swimmers felt mighty after placing 3rd in League championships, competing in Sectional championships, and even sending one (a freshman, not to mention) swimmer, Sophia Bondikov, to state championships. 

On Monday, October 3rd, it was time for the Harrison swimmers to face Ardsley – Dobbs Ferry yet again. It is halfway through the meet, and Harrison is down 11 -23, but without fear as they knew the second half of the meet would work in their favour. 

“Being down after the 50 freestyle, I honestly felt really defeated and disconnected from the water. But after my teammates and I talked it through, we hyped each other up and next thing I knew I was motivated to compete in the 500 freestyle, the longest event of the meet” – Katie Mccann, Junior on the team. 

The tone was set for the rest of the meet, and the Harrison girls started to acquire first in everything. Starting off with securing both first and second place in the 100-yard butterfly and the 100-yard freestyle, Harrison and Ardsley met at a tie, with a score of 25-25. 

Flashbacks run through as the girls step up for the infamous 200 freestyle relay, touching out Ardsley- Dobbs Ferry’s 200 freestyle relay once again. Winning the 100 backstrokes and breaststroke after the relay, along with the 400 freestyle relay, the Harrison girls won the meet with an end score of 52 – 52. 

Though this was a successful meet for the girl, the team knows they have a long road ahead if they are going to compete for the league title, and head their way up to league 2.