Composting in Harrison NY

Composting in Harrison NY

Teddie Stevens, Staff Writer

In essence, composting can be defined as a natural process in which organic matter is recycled to produce fertilizer for lawns and gardens. While often overlooked, composting still presents a variety of benefits that impacts the environment and provides sustainable waste management.  

To begin, when composting forms fertilizers, this promotes healthier plant growth as well as improves the overall composition of the soil. With these enhancements maintained, agricultural crops can yield a larger production and thus eventually lessen the demand for chemical fertilizers. Additionally, composting is able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the prevalent issue of climate change. This process is also able to tackle another problem that has been discussed previously on the Husky Herald as food wastes; specifically in the cafeteria. The organic waste accumulated through composting is reusable and fulfills a new purpose.

Therefore, as a result of the immensely helpful effects, there has been a sustainability committee established in Harrison. This committee has attained a large following on Facebook and provides frequent updates on environmental concerns. These affairs are in regard to recycling, food scraps, zero waste, transportation, and several other prominent issues. It is evident to see that this committee is able to keep residents adequately informed by linking websites to modern solutions and delivering advice to individuals seeking to implement eco-friendly action into their lives.

When asked about the principal goal of the committee, Janice Kaplan, co-chair, responded, Our goal is to get as many people involved as possible. We are a volunteer organization and get no support from the town government so we have many challenges.”

Her reply was able to acknowledge as well as emphasize how sustainable programs are too continually disregarded. This has a direct connection to how awareness on this topic is desperately needed to inspire others to take environmentally friendly initiatives.




Picture was taken from: OC Waste & Recycling