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A Look Into Harrison High School’s Writing Center
A Look Into Harrison High School’s Writing Center
Annelise SerpaMay 9, 2024

     As a writer, one can find oneself staring dreadfully long at the blinking cursor on a screen, being taunted by the feeling of being stuck...

Newest Commodor: Harley was accepted to Vanderbilt University and will be attending next year.
Make Your Own Time
Harley Dichter, Student Contributor • February 8, 2022

“Of my daughters, I know that you’ll appreciate this the most,” my mom said as she handed me a brightly-colored wall calendar decorated...

Breaking the Ice

A Comprehensive Roundup of the NHL at the Half
Breaking the Ice

The NHL season is in full swing. We’ve seen injuries, teams plummeting after optimistic predictions, unlikely stars, highlight reel-worthy goals, and rookies making differences on the ice. However, it’s hard to gauge the true performances of the many teams and players that form the NHL.

Thanksgiving is a turning point for all NHL franchises. By late November, teams figure out what they’re good at and what needs work. It’s a time when the stronger teams start standing out. After Thanksgiving, things get more serious as teams gear up for the playoffs and the race for the Stanley Cup really heats up.

Below are the current NHL power rankings. 

Current NHL Power Rankings

As the NHL season unfolds, the many conferences of the NHL fluctuate. Teams are fighting to earn their spot in the playoffs, where they can hopefully snatch the Stanley Cup. Teams like the Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers are making significant strides and climbing the ranks. 

Despite the excitement surrounding the signing of #1 draft pick Connor Bedard, the Chicago Blackhawks continue to face challenges on the ice. Fortunately, Bedard’s undeniable talent and potential has increased optimism among Blackhawk fans. The San Jose Sharks are currently struggling at the bottom of the league. They have been facing issues in both defense and scoring. With inconsistent performances, they continue to be a laughingstock. 

The New York Rangers are sitting pretty at 4th in the league, dropping from a short lived 1st place. Despite their current success, the Rangers typically excel in the regular season, but their playoff performances have often fallen short of expectations. They are looking to gain their first Stanley Cup in 30 years. 

With hockey being such a team sport, it can be difficult to get individual reports on top players. Look no further than the NHL’s top 10 list. 

Top 10 NHL Players of the 2023-24 Season 

Connor McDavid sits at the #1 spot, still dominating the league despite being on an uninspiring Edmonton Oilers who rank 19th in the league. He’s scored 14 goals and a huge 40 assists so far. 

Auston Matthews, a fan favorite among Toronto Maple Leaf fans and an exceptional player, is currently leading the league with 30 goals. 

Unexpectedly, Sidney Crosby manages to retain his rightful spot in the top 10 list at #9. At 36 years old, the veteran is still putting up a great performance with 21 goals and 17 assists. 

Overall, it is Nikita Kucherov who leads the league in points. He has been a crucial component of Tampa Bay’s recent success and continues to consistently perform every season. 

Top 10 Rookies of the 2023-24 Season

The draft is always an exciting time period before the season starts, and many teams. They add their fresh talent into teams in desperate need of change.

Conor Bedard is one of the most elite prospects that the NHL has ever seen, and the hype around him during the draft was not unwarranted. He was drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks as the first overall pick in the hopes that he can change the poor seasons   Bedard led the 2023 World Juniors Championship, a highly anticipated event for under 20 year old hockey stars to represent their nation. He had an astounding 23 points in seven games for Canada. 

Bedard leads the league in rookie scoring with 33 points. Taylor Raddysh, a forward for the Chicago Blackhawks stated in an interview ​​”He’s a really talented player” after he was named one of the 32 players selected to compete in NHL All-Star Weekend on Thursday. This made him the youngest player in League history selected to compete in an All-Star Game.

Additionally, the NJ Devils Luke Hughes has been contributing to the team’s defensive success. High expectations have been placed on Luke because of his connection to Jack Hughes, the Devils franchise player and one of the best centers in the league. 

As we find ourselves at the midway point of this exhilarating NHL season, the unpredictability of the game continues to be a central theme. Despite the many predictions, the success of a particular team can shift dramatically, as shown in many cases. With countless games still ahead, the only certainty is uncertainty. 

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